One live class every week for 1 hour and 30 minutes. The entire course will concisely guide you through the process of Selection,Creation, Promotion and Expansion of your online assets. What are these PILLARS all about?


Whenever you plan to initiate any online venture, the first three questions that determine your journey are:

  • WHAT TO SELECT - a keyword/ a niche/ a product/ a tool/ a concept?
  • FROM WHERE TO SELECT - where to select-affiliate networks/ CPA networks, JV programs/ Direct advertisement programs?
  • HOW TO SELECT- through a tool/ through a software/ by a reference/ through some parameters?

Our live classes will guide you how to carefully SCRUTINIZE ALL THE ELEMENTS, so that you can select the best ones for successful internet marketing.


After successful selection, follows thoughtful creation. Multiple platforms like:

HTML, PHP, Wordpress etc are available for creation of online assets but the problem arises when you have to select one platform that should be able to meet the compelling needs of your selected niche. Our live classes will help you decide which platform is technically compatible, search engine friendly and user friendly according to your niche.


Promotion of any online asset brings onto screen lots of options:

SEO, SMO, PPC and other traffic generation methods.

But the real problem arises when we have to decide:

  • Which one to apply?
  • How to apply?
  • How frequently to apply?
  • How to verify the results and strategize for further promotions?

This is where we come in by helping you for specific promotions according to your niche.


Everybody does selection, creation, promotion of their online assets, but the real challenge lies in expansion of your business after a certain level?

By expansion we mean:

  • Adding affiliates launching joint venture programs
  • Tying up with related products/ programs
  • Strategies to Invite Affiliates/ Assosiates
  • Lead Generation Campaigns through CPA Models

The answers to all your questions will be given right here!

Q&A session

After every LIVE CLASS of 1 Hour and 30 Minutes, there will be a Q&A session of 30 Minutes, where you can discuss your queries related to the topic of webinar, LIVE with Karan J Singh.

For answers to all your questions follow these instructions:

  • Type your question.
  • Karan will pick your question.
  • He will paste it on board.
  • You will get your answer.

52 Weekly Assignments (Weekly-1)

To judge your skills, you will be given 01 assignment after every webinar. Your performance in the assignments will be evaluated to identify the key areas of improvement and lead you to perfection.

52 internet marketing concept (Weekly-1)

After each live class, you will get access to one latest Internet marketing concept. These concepts will be developed by our research and development team according to the latest internet marketing trends. This conceptual guidance will help you select and promote specific concepts for all your future internet marketing ventures.

Indefinite Support(24*7)

Our dedicated team will be there to support you 24*7 via:

Support centre:

Guest Faculty

For an enriching learning experience, you will get a chance to interact with experts from the industry. In every third week of the month, we will bring to you a highly renowned name from the multi-billion internet industry, to interact with! The guest speaker would be highly proficient in his domain and you will get a chance to have an exclusive live class with him!

You'll be notified who is the guest speaker in the third week of the month a week before the session

12 niche websites (One Every Month)

The multi-billion internet industry is loaded with hundreds of niches, but there are limited niches that are actually convertible. We will make things simpler for you by helping you select the niche and giving you a step by step guidance to make niche websites:

Recovering Lost Investment Efforts Section

You may have created some websites, blogs, and tools, to earn online through several Internet marketing products in the past. Some of them might have helped you earn, while some would have just gone waste. This means you must be having lots of dead online assets-few domain names, tools, blogs, web pages etc. Can you get something out of these assets? Of course you can, when we are with you!

General Consultancy Section

In our daily routine, while studying, while roaming on web, on casual discussion tables we notice some gaps in the market. We notice these social and technical gaps and fill our mind with ideas which are different and unique.

In the eight years of my career, I thought about hundreds of ideas, out of which few were INSANE! I could have executed few of them successfully but because of busy schedules, responsibilities, lack of resources, lack of time these ideas never got an outline. And today, I don't even remember those ideas! It happens with many people, but such ideas become news for people who plan and execute them.

Common people became GREAT ENTREPRENEURS by successful execution of such ideas like:

You can be the next name in the list! How? Well, we have an efficient team of professionals with expertise in establishing raw ideas as successful projects. Why not share your ideas with us and be the owner of next big thing on internet!

Let a Virtual team study your idea, develop it, publish it and promote it for you

How It Works

Here's why you should join us?

Though it is always safe to present the highlights of your product alone, but sometimes it becomes essential to compare them with others to bring to the surface the real potential of your product. Here's a comparison chart to help you understand the worth of this course by comparing it with other available courses.

Programs IM Products/ Programs Online Coaching Programs Offline Classes Live With Karan J Singh
Live Classes
Indefinite Strategies

Interactive Platform
Readymade Paltforms For Niche Sites
Recovering the lost investment Efforts
General Consultancy
Indefinite Support
Term of the course
3 Months
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
Costs Involved

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Hey Buddy, Still want to give it a thought ???

Trust me ...

It's just $1 to get started. You'll be charged only $97/month after the 2 Webinars. You may cancel anytime :)

Karan J Singh

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Carry James

Karan follows a complete methodological approach in explaining all the concepts with illustrations.At no point of time during the course you will feel that you are alone. Unlike other online courses, Karan gives a step by step guidance at the all the points during the course. He is great mentor!

Jason Craig

Everytime Karan comes up with a new course; he raises the bar of expectations from online courses.I have come to really appreciate the way Karan has covered all the concepts of internet marketing.He is always willing to answer questions and help. I highly recommend you to join Karan's network if you want to succeed in social media marketing.

Benny Smith

Karan is true internet marketing expert who talks the talk and walks the walk. Whatever I know about internet marketing today is all because of Karan. He endows his expertise and skills on every one and makes sure that each of his students get the complete knowledge in establishing required for a successful career as an established internet marketer.

Joana Adam

Karan is an absolutely phenomenal resource for information on internet marketing. He has a very deep understanding of all the concepts of online marketing. So in addition to giving training on all the concepts of internet marketing, Karan can help you with your ongoing online ventures as well, just like he helped me. J

Ryan Levvy

Karan is by far the most talented internet marketer that I have ever joined. Congrats for creating such an incredible course. Livewithkaranjsingh outperform other courses on online marketing, and Karan is sure to create a happy buzz in for every budding internet marketer. I wish him luck for all his endeavours.

Anton Faber

I highly recommend Karan J Singh and his services and products to anyone who wants to learn how to use Online Marketing to grow their business and fan base. Karan rocks! His insights and information are valuable and have helped me with virtually every aspect of internet marketing....thanks Karan!

Marcel Adler

If you're just starting out, there is no better recommendation than practical 'step-by-step' instructions and guidance. Karan J Singh is a true, authentic, holistic authority on web marketing. With his product, 'Live with Karan J Singh' , he provides a fantastic overview on the key factors involved in successful internet marketing. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to become a successful internet marketer.

Egon Bach

I am very impressed with this course. The best thing is that with 'Live with Karan J Singh' , we can learn from basic to advance level in very simple and easy steps. So, I recommend the new beginners to join this course as such types of course will not launched daily. This is really a big offer. Thank you Karan J Singh for sharing your knowledge buddy.

Dagmar Faber

I was a complete newbie. I knew nothing about online marketing. But with 'Live with Karan J Singh' I have learn online marketing very simply. However, there are many IM products available online that have practically the same set of features. But Karan's way of representing the things is really awesome. I appreciate his efforts. Thanks a lot for being my mentor.

Mila Faust

Live with Karan J Singh is a great way to enhance your online marketing skills. I've signed up for this IM program and truly enjoyed all his presentations and concept videos that are delivered by great internet marketing Guru, Karan J Singh in a very crisp and well explained manner. He provide relevant examples and information while giving online coaching.

Jana Gerber

Wow! Step By Step approach of this course is the best part of this course, For Amateur like me, who is not familiar with the terms you use, its easy for us to follow those simple steps and make decent income! Thanks Karan!

Cierra Alfaro

Finally I found something different and working; I will not say that i am making Huge money or something. But yes, i am making some decent income with this program, so I will surely recommend this to anyone reading this!!

Erardo Gallo

Hello Karan, I would like to thanks you to share like this important articles. Excellent website, posted nice article as well as informative post and helpful for other people who want's to gather knowledge about of website and search engine optimization. I really liked your website. Please keep writing posting to help others.

Joe Luis

If you are willing to become an internet expert then Karan J Singh is the perfect Internet Marketing Coach for you. He is an Internet Marketing Coach and has the capability of significantly cutting back the time you were to take in order to get your brand out there and succeed.

Paloma Moreno

Karan J Singh is an Internet Marketing Coach and has the capability of significantly cutting back the time you were to take in order to get your brand out there and succeed. So if you are looking to get success in online brand management, contact him