Frequently Asked Question

1.  What credit cards can I use to subscribe ?

You can use all type of credit cards (Amex, Visa, Master Card, Diners Card etc)

If you have a Paypal Accounts it's perfect to pay using the same Or you need to create one when you'll subscribe because it's an monthly billing program so it requires a Paypal account, It's beneficial for you to track your billing as well.

2. How can I check my current ticket status?

Visit, Enter your mail id and ticket number to track the status.

3. How can I check my billing status?

You can login in your Paypal account or can create a ticket at livewithkaranjsingh/support to check your billing status.

4. Do I need any special device to attend the live webinar?

As this is a webinar series of Complete One Year, You only have to register Once, We'll be sending you an mail to join the Webinar Series by 1st November and also you can find the registration link in the members area.

After One Time registration, GoToWebinar System will send your reminders every week by default.

5. Who can join the training program?

Well, any person interested in Learning and Earning online can join this program, this is a E Learning platform which enables you to learn about a vast niche i.e Internet marketing, Make Money Online, Affiliate marketing, CPA Marketing etc etc.

6. Do I need to have any special skills for the course?

You just need to have a Basic Knowledge of Computer and Internet,If you use mail, facebook, listen songs online the you are Eligible :)

7. Are there any hidden charges?

Nope, these is only a Subscription FEE of $97 per month for the training service same as we pay to a school, college or any other training course, apart from this there are no charges except you have to few domains names or hosting service to hosts your online assets which we are going to create in the training program, I will suggest you few best and affordable one's, if you laready have a hosting space that very good.

8. I tried placing order using my credit card but it isn't working. Can you help me place an order?

You just need to mail us at and we'll assist you in regard with.

09. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment through Paypal using any of your credit cards.

10. How can I request my money back?

You just need to send us and message on along with your name, mail id and payment receipt number, we'll immediately refund your money.

11. Can I pay the charges once instead of monthly payments, Do you offer any discounts ?

Yes Sure, You can send us a mail at and we'll give you the best possible deal :)

12. Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?

Yes, it's safe ! Paypal is a World's leading payment gateway so no need to worry :)

13. I donít remember my password. Help!

It's pretty simple my friend, just drop me a message at, will get back to you in Max 6 Hours.

14. How do I know my purchase is complete?

You'll get a payment confirmation and receipt and a Welcome Mail from our side whch is the confirmation of your successful transaction.

15. I don't want to receive any e-mails from you anymore. What should I do?

You can just mail me at and I will remove you from the list :)

16. I havenít received any email confirmation about my purchase. What should I do?

Just drop a mail to us at, we'll get back to you asap.

Any Other Queries ???

Mail me at OR Create a Ticket at

Talk Soon !!